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Many of us consider walnut shells useless and every time we clean the walnuts from the shells, we throw them away, but we do not know what extraordinary healing qualities the common shells contain. About walnut kernels we know how many and what excellent properties they have for our health, but let’s not forget that their shells are also extremely good and useful. They are most often used in the form of tea.
The best known effect of walnut shell tea is that it is very good for blood circulation and has the property of thinning thickened blood. For this effect we can also add walnut maceration.
Finely chop the peel of 14 dried walnuts and soak for 75 days in 500 ml. of alcohol. One tablespoon of the liquid obtained will be administered in the morning on an empty stomach for: thrombosis, cleansing of blood vessels, salt deposits, tumors, fibromatous mastopathy, cysts.
Walnut shell tea also helps strengthen the stomach, urinary incontinence, improve liver function, streptococcal infections, staphylococci, mycoses or even syphilis.
Walnut shell tea is also very good for fighting and treating coughs. The tea is simply prepared with a handful of walnut shells that we boil in approx. 300-350 ml. water and we will keep them until they boil and then we will consume it hot and not hot as you think. We will sweeten to taste with honey, lemon or simply without adding anything.
Another way to get rid of coughs with the help of walnut shells is to prepare a syrup. Break 10 walnuts, but just enough to crack the walnuts and boil them in 500 ml. of water, preferably flat, add another 10 tablespoons of sugar and let it boil until it reaches the consistency of a syrup. This syrup is good for coughs, for boosting immunity, for colds. They will be administered twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, one teaspoon after the meal.
This tea also helps ulcer patients, preparing a tea from the membranes that separate the walnut kernel, five such membranes and 250 ml. of boiling water, after which we will infuse it in a thermos for an hour, we will strain it and it will be administered one teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach.
It is also recommended for people with calcium deficiencies, as they are advised to consume this tea constantly, about 0.5 -1 l daily.
In diseases such as diseases of the digestive tract, thyroiditis, diabetes, colitis, hypertension, a tincture will be made from the dry membranes of walnut shells, put in a 0.5 l jar, fill about a third of the capacity of the jar with membranes, after which we will pour the brandy until the jar will be filled, which we will leave to soak for 3 weeks.
Strain the liquid obtained and store it in a dark glass container and away from heat, cold or light. One tablespoon diluted in 100 ml should be administered daily. of water before meals.


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